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Website history

New coloring pages! [22.2.2007]
We added new set of printables: coloring - spring.

5 new games [29.1.2007]
We added 5 new computer games: OvO, Sudoku Works 4 Kids, Shape Art, Coin World and Coin Planets.

Cooperation [16.1.2007]
We started to cooperate with Mojca and Pero from, where we got 4 new sets of printable coloring pages.

Coloring pages added. [16.12.2006]

New set of printables - MAZES [30.10.2006]

Fixed some mistakes at printables [21.10.2006]
We fixed some mistakes (spelling and otherwise) mistakes at printables. Thanks to Chris and Nancy for reporting them.

BRAVE KID BLOG added [10.10.2006]

20 new printable pages [23.8.2006]
We added 20 new pages of printables to set "Brave Kid Sudoku".

Small improvements [12.7.2006]
I made small improvements to the website. Some more further fine-tunning will also happen soon.

2 Mac versions and online game [3.7.2006]
Tom's Hen House and Maggie the gardener got Mac versions also and a sweet puzzle game called Sweety Puzzle :) was added to free online activities. We are getting two online eco-games in near future.

3 new games[25.5.2006]
We added 3 new games: Best Friends, Tom's Hen House and Maggie the gardener. Best friends is one of legendary games from Retro64 and Tom's and Maggie's games are from a new promising developer AnaWiki. Keep an eye on them.

Short break because of Miha [11.5.2006]
We (Janko and Jana) have gotten our first baby boy Miha :). Happy birthday Miha! That's why BKG website was not updated for a while.

4 new printable pages, 2 new online activities [26.3.2006]
We added 4 new pages of printables to set "Preschool Fun", in colaboration with Midori we developed flash version of their very nice game for kids Ladybugs.

Bunny Bunny added to free online activities [12.3.2006]

We had to remove Sunny Ball because the developer stoped selling it. :(

We have changed the printables section and published allmost all printables for free. Whole website was improved.

3 games and free printables added, 1 game removed, whole website improved [24.2.2006]
We added 3 new games: Bound Around, Charlie II and Super Gerball.

3 new games[7.1.2006]
We added 3 new games: Ladybugs, Bud Redhead and WinSudoku

We had server problems[21.12.2005]
Our webhosting provider got a severe server crash. Our website was unaccessible and later had some other problems for 3 days. Now we are back!

Third online activity added[1.12.2005]
Online activity "Pyramid puzzle" was added today.

We now hold Mac games too[20.11.2005]
We added Macintosh versions of our games where they were available. We also started searching for additional Mac and Windows games for kids.

Second online activity added[2.11.2005]
Online activity "Substraction to 10" was added today.

First online activity added[30.10.2005]
Online activity "Addition to 10" was added today.

3 new games[28.10.2005]
Games Navigatris, Bug Slurp and Shaggy Pals added were added today.

6 games added[03.10.2005]
KUBI, B.I.R.D., Bubble Blitz, BreakQuest, Professor Fizzwizzle and Seth's Puzzle Boxes were added today.

Minute Match and KUBI added [23.8.2005]
Minute match is very cute multiplayer game so check it out at the Action section. KUBI is our own product and we hope you will like it. Any feedback is very welcome!

Ignazio and Sunny Ball games added [12.8.2005]
Ignazio the frog - a cute pacman style game for kids and beautiful arkanoid Sunny Ball were added to out action games section.

Firt set of printables finished [5.8.2005]
Our first set of printables "Numbers 1 to 5" is now available to you. Feel free to buy it :) or download 6 free demo pages.

3 new free printables added [14.7.2005]
You can find 3 free new printables from set called Basics at the bonus section.

2 games and some bonus stuff added [5.7.2005]
We added Jr. Vet and Jr. Doctor to the puzzle section of games. Three free screensavers and three free printables were added to the bonus stuff. Screensavers were drawn by five year old Jessica.

First games added [24.6.2005]
9 great games for your kids were added already.

Web site launched [22.6.2005]
We are happy to announce the launch of the BRAVE KID GAMES web portal.

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