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How to Play

  • Make horizontal lines of 4 blocks (or more) to remove them.
  • You can make lines anywhere (even in the air).
  • You can pull blocks from anywhere (even from under other blocks) to anywhere where there is space.
  • If "sitting" blocks reach the top - the game is over.
  • Look at the videos below to really see how it's played.

See the Videos

Clear the board (quick easy level)

At "clear the board" type of game you must remove all "sitting" blocks from the screen to progress to the next level.

Clear the board (harder level)

70 seconds (harder level)

At 70 seconds you must "survive" 70 seconds to go to the next level (and use the "time warp" button).

Older videos

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Some questions you have asked

Is this a game for kids?
Not really. It probably appeals to youngsters and adults more than to kids. It is family friendly game for all ages ;) .

Is this game free?

What's it inspired by?
Hmmm... mostly Tetris and Dwice by Alexey Pajitnov.


Game is made by Janko and Jana Metelko, Music and Sound effects are made by Beno Sorsak (electric boogie productions)

Game is programmed in HaXe and uses a Flash Plugin and Projector.

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